Composite C1 Download and setup

Get a Composite C1 site up and running in minutes using or visit for manual install, source code and more...

Timeline Player Download and setup

  1. Ensure your site support Razor Functions (install Contribution.CompositeC1Contrib.RazorFunctions if missing)
  2. Download
  3. Go to System | Packages | Installed Packages | Local Packages
  4. Execute “Install  Local Package …” and upload the zip file (package)
  5. Add a new Page – in the “Add New Page” dialog select “Page type = Timeline”
  6. Edit the Timeline function in your page content – set headings and select a media folder to grab background images from.
  7. Set the page template to a full width template (one column layout).
  8. Below the added page – in the tree - you fine a folder “Timeline events” – add events to it
  9. Save and publish your Timeline page