Ode to ASP.NET

On this page you have ASP.NET Web Forms, Razor and MVC running of the same page request. You can see them below along a few notes on how this is done with Composite C1.

ASP.NET Web Forms

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Hi, my name is Composite C1 and i'm 12 years and 1 months old. Read more about me on my about page

To the right is how my birthday look when using the all time classic ASP.NET Calendar control ;)

The (silly simple) age calculator above is created using a Web Form User Control. Composite C1 let you pass parameters to it  - those parameters map to public properties on your User Control class. Read more at http://docs.composite.net/Packages/Contribution/User-Control-Functions

ASP.NET Razor Web Pages

The color cube above is created by executing a Razor Web Page. Composite C1 let you pass parameters to it - those parameters map to public properties on your Web Page class. Read more at http://docs.composite.net/ASP-NET/Razor-Functions


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The simple AJAX example above is handled by MVC. Composite C1 let you pass a route to our MVC Player which will execute it and embed the result. This can make sense if you want overall routing, templating and content management handled by a CMS, but you want specfic embedded app to be implemented using the MVC pattern. Read more at http://docs.composite.net/ASP-NET/HelloWorldMVC

And then there is XSLT, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight and so on ...

The three samples here are some of the tools you can employ when developing websites with Composite C1 - other alternatives include XSLT and your favorite client technology...

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